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The Club at Mulberry Park

The Club at Mulberry Park will be the central meeting spot for the Community and will include Sport Courts, Playground, Pool and Great Lawn Area. At the completion of the first home, Mulberry Park will be open and running along with a part time lifestyle professional on staff to jump start the Mulberry Lifestyle.

Mulberry Park Site Plan

We are excited to bring you the Site Plan of Mulberry Park, the heart & soul of Mulberry – this will give you an idea how large this area will be as well as how many special amenities will be included for the Homeowners and their families. This special area will be home to The Club at Mulberry which will be the social center for the community. Mulberry Park will be home to many special community events where neighbors form friendships and traditions are created!

Mulberry Carriage House

There are two Carriage Houses that lead you into the community. These Georgian Colonial buildings have been designed in the architectural theme that encompasses Mulberry and will provide a true sense of arrival as you come through the entrance at either of the two boulevards.

Mulberry Has Come To Life!

We’ve shown you the Date Palm trees that are lining the Boulevards of Mulberry, but haven’t yet been able to show you just how lush they will look and feel - Below is a photo of our vision of the Mulberry Boulevards. Date Palms and shade trees alternating along the streets combined with lush shrubs and green grass will make Mulberry a community you haven’t experienced before in Arizona. Mulberry will be “Green” and we have created the perfect balance of Color and Conservation in our vision - we look forward to bringing you more information on this subject in the near future!

The Mulberry Entry “VIBE”

Mulberry Entry Monuments which welcome you at both the Palm and Shade Tree Lined Boulevards of Mulberry.

The lettering on these Monuments is backlit and notice the green horizontal line that is inset – this too is backlit, creating a warm and inviting glow at night.

The company behind this concept designs and manufactures signage all over the Western United States and even they are very enchanted by the style and design. We feel this is one more detail enhancing the sense of “arrival” upon reaching and entering Mulberry - a certain “vibe” which will continue throughout this enchanted community!

Mulberry Cruiser Culture

Bikes symbolize that “feel good lifestyle” that Mulberry is all about. They are fun to ride while enjoying fresh air, experiencing tree-lined boulevards and the charming eclectic new historical architecture throughout Mulberry.

What a better way to enhance your Mulberry Life – while meeting your neighbors and enjoying a happy active lifestyle.

These very unique Cruisers are Limited Edition Custom Bikes designed and assembled right here in Tempe by Jim Decker of Soul Beach Cruisers. They are Bold, Creative and BRANDED ONLY TO MULBERRY!

Mulberry Marketplace

Exciting News – Ground has broken and construction is underway on Mulberry Marketplace! The Brown Group along with Fry’s Grocery has broken ground on Mulberry Marketplace and has an anticipated Opening Date Of Summer/Fall 2016.

We have included a rendering showing how they are bringing the Bungalow Craftsman style with lots of high quality details into their building, truly making it feel like a Mulberry Marketplace. Mulberry residents won’t even need to leave the Neighborhood to shop!

Lineup of Homes

Americana Collection

This collection offers 2 Single Level Homes and 2 Two Story Floorplans with 4 varying architectural elevations each.

Download Lineup

Centennial Collection

This collection offers 2 Single Level Homes and 2 Two Story Floorplans with 4 varying architectural elevations each.

Download Lineup

Heritage Collection

This collection offers 2 Single Level Homes and 2 Two Story Floorplans with 5 varying architectural elevations each.

Download Lineup

The Mulberry Story

Blandford Homes has created hometown charm, for real!  Mulberry is the neighborhood EVERYONE falls in love with. It feels like an enchanted land—magically reminiscent of the early 1900s when homes sprung up to create quaint neighborhoods. Blandford Homes presents an inspired line of home designs with significant character differences. Imagine corner lots featuring homes with wraparound porches! This “New Old-Home Neighborhood” will be one-of-a-kind in Arizona.

The master plan and neighborhood amenities are magical, too. Mulberry features two beautiful main entrances with lush landscaping. Tree-lined boulevards lead to centrally located Mulberry Park, no more than a short walk from anyplace in the neighborhood. You may feel as though you’re in storybook land as you enjoy the park’s impressive Georgian Colonial-style building complete with white trim and green shutters, along with the sport courts, playground, pool, fitness, multipurpose room and huge great lawn area. Wow, just imagine the events, concerts, and celebrations you’ll attend within the huge pavillions and green playing fields of Mulberry Park.

Adjacent to the community, Desert Ridge Junior and High Schools, as well as two elementary schools, are all part of the top-rated Gilbert School District. The 202 Santan and US 60 Superstition Freeways are each within approximately 1.8 miles of Mulberry. Mesa’s tech corridor, expected to provide thousands of job opportunities, lies just one mile south. Also within a mile you’ll find major shopping, dining, a carwash and even an IMAX theater. A shopping area, “Mulberry Marketplace,” includes a Fry’s Marketplace designed in a Craftsman Bungalow style to tie into Mulberry’s architectural theme. Mulberry residents don’t even have to leave the community to shop!

The design of Mulberry does not take a backseat to its location. Most all sidewalks will be offset from the roads. Picture rose gardens, green grass, and large palm trees mixed with big, beautiful shade trees creating a true canopy over the streets and walkways. Mulberry is on track to open in early 2015 with a waiting list and sell out quickly. Unlike other Blandford Homes master-planned communities, this is a very limited opportunity offering homes from 1,700 sq. ft. to just over 4,000 sq. ft., starting in the low $300’s. Once complete, Mulberry will inspire others to try to duplicate the charming feel that’s real: The “New Old-Home Neighborhood.”

Happy Holidays!

At this time next year, we expect over 150 Families to be happily living in Mulberry! Model Homes are under construction and our Clubhouse is starting January 5th! Look for many more announcements coming in early January!

Imagine living in one of these homes with a wreath on the door, picket fences scattered here and there and homes adorned with Christmas Lights.

You could be sitting on your porch sipping Hot Chocolate with your neighbors watching children ride by on their bikes, other neighbors wave as they are out for a walk, or you could be hanging at the Clubhouse with your neighbors watching your children play at the park...thinking, “Now this feels like Mulberry Life!”

The Date Palm Trees Have Arrived at Mulberry

We are excited to announce with all of the activity already taking place at Mulberry, we can celebrate the arrival of the Date Palm Trees that we told you about in an earlier Email, 49 genus Phoenix Dactylifera, “Deglet Noor” trees began arriving last week and the trees are lining up along the two main Boulevards inside Mulberry. This has caused quite a bit of attention as these trees are over 20 feet tall and to see them being lifted and planted in place is quite a sight! For those of you that haven't been able to drive by, we've included a photo that shows just some of these trees in place. The balance of our 150 trees will arrive and be planted over the next 60 days or so.

Tree Farm

Blandford Homes spent months studying and researching species and sizes of Palm Trees before selecting a farm in Palm Springs to purchase our trees from. Members of our Land Development staff flew to Palm Springs and hand selected 150 - 15 to 16 foot Date Palm or genus Phoenix Dactylifera, “Deglet Noor” Trees. These are not the Palm Trees you are used to seeing in most developments rather what you see in Resorts. The delivery of these trees will begin on December 1st and 3rd. At that time approximately 40 of our tress will be trucked into the community and installed up and down the two main boulevards inside Mulberry. The balance of our 150 trees will arrive approximately 2 weeks later.

Mulberry Street Mock-up

As we mentioned in our last update, we built a secret Hollywood type street scene consisting of 12 lots, curbs, gutters, driveways, grass, trees, (31) 8’ tall color walls, roof tiles, fence wall types, etc. We thought we would share with you what this actually looks like. Below is part of our team walking the street scene and making selections and deletions to the palette. Again, this level of detail now will enhance the overall experience for homeowners forever in Mulberry.

Model Home Color Boards

Countless hours are now being spent to bring the Model Homes in Mulberry to life. Our entire team is involved in selecting colors, finishes, textures, furniture & accessories. So much detail is going in to each and every home at Mulberry. These won’t be your average Model Homes. With our talented team involved in each step from plan design, interior design all the way to completion, these homes promise to amaze you and we are confident you will want to call Mulberry “Home”. In these photos you will see selections made by our team for one of the rooms in one of our models. Each home has about 5 boards like this that have hours and hours of time and creativity put into them. This kind of attention to detail will be noticed when you walk into each home.

Americana Collection

Centennial Collection

Heritage Collection

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