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Mulberry Facts and Updates:

Blandford Homes spent months studying and researching species and sizes of Palm Trees before selecting a farm in Palm Springs to purchase our trees from. Members of our Land Development staff flew to Palm Springs and hand selected 150 - 15 to 16 foot Date Palm or genus Phoenix Dactylifera, “Deglet Noor” Trees. These are not the Palm Trees you are used to seeing in most developments rather what you see in Resorts. The delivery of these trees will begin on December 1st and 3rd. At that time approximately 40 of our tress will be trucked into the community and installed up and down the two main boulevards inside Mulberry. The balance of our 150 trees will arrive approximately 2 weeks later.

Stay tuned for pictures of these beautiful trees being trucked in – it will be quite a sight!

Click to view this mock up in more detail
Photo from Date Palm Tree Farm

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